Water Leak Detection Service in Orange County, CA

The #1 Local Leak Detection Experts


At Running Plumbing, our professional water leak detection experts are ready to help whenever you suspect a water line leak. Leaking faucets and toilets are the most obvious signs you have a problem. Pools of water and water-stained floors or walls can mean you have more serious problems, such as mold. Otherwise, if you notice changes in your water meter and haven’t used any water, call our leak detection plumber right away.

How We Find Water Leaks


Our leak detection specialists employ expertise and professional equipment to identify underground leaks. To provide the most dependable water leak service, we evaluate the problem using leak detection tools such as tracer gas, infrared cameras, and sound equipment. We don’t have to break a single wall to determine where your water line leak is.

We can also find underground leaks if you notice something unusual with your water meter or parts of your property are unexplainably wet. Using our underground water leak detector, we are equipped to find the leak no matter where it is. In addition, specialized cameras can be used to inspect drains and pipes to identify breaks, blockages, and other problems such as tree root intrusion.

Our team is also trained to identify the source of gas leaks, which can be even more problematic and deadly.

How We Fix Water Leaks


Water leaks are fixed quickly using the latest and least disruptive methods. If a loose joint, seal, or other component is the problem, we’ll correct it; if the leak is caused by a damaged or worn pipe, we can easily repair or replace one, whether it’s inside the building or is a water leak under your house. Wherever the leak is, our certified technicians can be trusted to fix it. Our technicians are fully licensed and have passed technical aptitude tests, criminal background checks, reference verifications, and drug tests.

24-Hour Emergency Service Available


Call us any time day or night and our leak detection experts will come out to your home or business. We service homeowners, small businesses, schools, hotels, restaurants, universities, office buildings, and industrial facilities such as warehouses and factories. You can expect fast service, quality workmanship, and a satisfaction guarantee. All workmanship and manufacturer parts are covered under a comprehensive warranty.

Contact us for water leak service anywhere in Orange County, including:

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We are also available in Huntington Beach, Lake Forest, Newport Beach, and Costa Mesa.

For more information or to request gas or water leak service, call 714-845-7245 or email info@runningplumbing.com. Also, feel free to request a quote online.