Emergency Plumbing Services

Our name says it all. When you have a plumbing emergency, the pros at Running Plumbing are on the call. We deliver fast, affordable, professional emergency plumbing services to homeowners and businesses throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties.

24-Hour Plumbers Ready to Help


Plumbing emergencies can bring your home or business to a halt. Count on the emergency plumbers at Running Plumbing to diagnose and fix the problem quickly. We can help with:

    Leaking/Burst Pipes:
    A leaking or burst pipe is a true plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention to prevent water damage to your home and personal property. The emergency plumbers at Running Plumbing have the tools and technology to diagnose and quickly fix the problem.
    Drain Clogs:
    Whether you have a bathroom sink, bathtub, shower, or kitchen sink that’s draining slowly or is overflowing, we can help. Over time, chemical drain cleaners can damage your plumbing—call the experts at Running Plumbing to fix the problem permanently.
    Overflowing Toilet:
    An overflowing toilet can be a major headache and create a big mess. We’ll snake the line and determine whether there’s a bigger issue, like a backed-up sewer line.
    Sump Pump Failure:
    Sump pumps help keep water out of your basement or pump water away from your home. When a sump pump fails, your basement can flood fast, creating a water damage emergency. Our 24-hour plumbers will repair or replace your sump pump quickly.
    Water Heater Malfunction:
    Whether your water runs cold mid-shower, or your water heater unit is leaking or not producing hot water at all, we can repair or replace your water heater efficiently and affordably.
    Garbage Disposal Repair:
    When your garbage disposal breaks or jams, it can make your kitchen sink unusable. Our plumbing pros will expertly diagnose the problem and repair or replace your garbage disposal quickly.

We use advanced technology to identify the source of plumbing problems including video camera inspection, electronic leak and sewer location, and hydrojetting equipment.


Call Now for Emergency Plumbing Services


For 24/7 emergency plumbing service near you, count on the pros at Running Plumbing. We are a full-service plumbing company serving residences and businesses, including manufacturing facilities, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties. We can handle any job, big or small. Call us now at 714-600-7429.

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